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Welcome to Dr. K.Singh Vision Classes

Why Vision Classes?

Getting into India's prestigious institutes (IITs) is the most important effort you can make to succeed in today's challenging world.

We strive to prepare you for leadership in ever changing, challenging and competitive world by maintaining the highest standards of Faculty Members and supported by excellent Education Management Team.

Our only goal is to make your time in Dr. K. Singh Vision Classes worth your efforts by providing exceptional, cutting edge program and prepare you to excel academically, professionally and personally.

Dr.K. Singh Vision Classes is known for its high academic standards, research driven curriculum and authentic coaching environment. Since long, we have been offering our resources to hundreds of successful IITians and take pleasure in offering these resources to you.


Know your Strengths & Weaknesses:

You can plan the journey to destination well if you know the start point. You need to understand your strengths and weaknesses for any test preparation, like you can be strong in Matematics, average in Physics and totally clueless in Chemistry. This is important because then you will create you plan to turn your weaknesses into strength and ignore certain weaknesses, if they are not important from exam. Point of view and improve rather sharpen your strengths.

Plan your preparation:

It is rightly, “He who fails to plan, plans to fail”. Nobody can undermine the importance of planning when doing any important task, and if it means preparing for JEE, you should be even more careful. The study Plan that will be created by you will be weekly, you will assign yourself some chapters to study every week so that you are able to complete the entire syllabus in time. Know your exam. Well.

Don’s forget that only learning chapters will not take you anywhere, it is questions that you need to answer in the final exam. Hence, practice, practice and practice till you are perfect at the chapter and then move ahead